2023-2024 Program Highlights


Horticulture Class Grows Greens and Creates Arrangements

Condon High school agriculture students have had a busy year.  The school restarted their Ag program and FFA club after a 10 year hiatus.  One of the projects this year was building a greenhouse and planting beds.  With the greenhouse, the students were able to grow enough greens to supply the entire school lunch service.  

Another project the students did was creating arrangements for Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day.  They sold these arrangements to the community as a program fundraiser.


What’s your Final? Making a Sweet Cakes!

Culinary students at Ridgeview High School had a sweet final exam for the end of trimester 2. Students spent two weeks planning, baking, and decorating cakes as a group project. The cakes were presented to and enjoyed by fellow classmates.  

The class has also been doing catering events for local businesses and schools.  If you need catering, reach out to instructor Brandon Shotwell!


Building and Selling at Lakeview High School

Lakeview High School’s construction program has a course called “Skilled Trades” where students learn all different trades such as building, electrical, and plumbing. The class is currentely learning the building trade and are building a storage shed that they will then sell to help raise funds for their classroom. They also plan to have more student-built items for sale in the near future.


Caldera Hosts Robotics and Engineering Competitions

On Jan 24th, Caldera High School hosted Summit High School for a robotics competition.  The students competed using the VEX Robotics Competition model. Students were engaged, having a blast, making new friends, and learning so much in the process!

On Jan 26th, Caldera High School hosted Bend High School for an engineering competition.  Students created CO2 cars on 3D printers then raced them in the competition.

Both events are a great way for students to put their learning to the test!


Dufur Construction Shares with Elementary Students

The Dufur Construction students shared their knowledge of construction with their buddies from 4th grade. Students worked together on building birdhouses.  This is a great way for our high school programs to teach the younger students some skills and help them see the possibilities of courses in high school

LaPine Forestry Hosts Timber Sports Competition

On November 18th, the La Pine High School Natural Resources club hosted their first Timber Sports competion in their new logging sports arena. Students were able to compete in various competitions to help them prepare for their upcoming competition season. Students competed in technical events like Map Reading and Animal ID. They also competed in physical events like Axe Throwing and Crosscutting.

You can read about the La Pine Natural Resources Club in the Central Oregon Daily News feature story.


Summit High School Yearbook Wins Best in Show

Summit High School attended the Northwest Scholastic Press Day on December 6 at the University of Oregon.  At the event, they entered their 2022-2023 yearbook for the Best in Show. They came home winners for the best yearbook!  Congratulations to the staff and to CTE advisor, Mindy Mendenhall!

Crook County Construction Goes Mobile

Crook County is thrilled to announce the arrival of their brand-new construction trailer, custom-designed and equipped by the talented high school students. This addition will serve as a hub for offsite projects, providing the construction program (led by Mr. Ron Berg) with a hands-on learning experience like never before.

Students in the CC Industries class also created the decals to represent and brand the advanced program called SHOC (Students Helping Our Community). From intricate designs to showcasing their creativity, these decals truly embody the spirit of the dedicated builders! This trailer marks the beginning of exciting new opportunities for practical learning and growth within the program.

Redmond Holds First Skilled Trades Competition

On October 21st, Redmond High School hosted their first Skilled Trades Competition. Students could compete in Additive Manufacturing (3D Printing), Automated Manufacturing Technology; Automotive Technology, CNC Milling, Carpentry, Power Equipment Technology, and General Welding. Students from Caldera High School, Redmond High School and Bend Technical Academy competed.

In the carpentry competition, Baxter Builders hosted at their Redmond location and students tested their skills by first making sawhorses from wood, then building and framing a wall. 

For more information, please refer to the Bend Bulletin article and Central Oregon Daily news story.

Regional Teacher of the Year!

Redmond High School manufacturing teacher Dan Kernion was named the High Desert Regional Teacher of the Year by the Oregon Department of Education. “I am able to meet students where they are with their abilities and knowledge and create a path to success from the beginning of the project until completion,” Kernion is quoted from his application, according to DOE.

Congratulations to Dan and thank you for creating great opportunities for students!

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